Kimberly Finn
I specialize in Birth Stories
I am available for maternity, engagement, Newborn Shoots, Generation Shoots, family portraits and more!
After having three children of my own I spent a lot of time behind the camera. I love a good story and what better way to tell a story than with photographs. I decided to take my love and passion for photography and turn it into my career.
I studied at the New York Institute of Photography. There I learned the technical studies and business skills needed to make this a success. I have tried my hand in all types of shoots and met some amazing people along the way. Please contact me today so I can create your story one picture at a time.

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Why hire a birth photographer?

Having a professional photographer at your baby’s birth will allow everyone to concentrate on what’s most important and free up your birth partner to support you during your labor and delivery. Similar to hiring a photographer for your wedding, having professional photographs of your baby’s birth will serve as an amazing reminder of one of the most important events in your life. Birth Photography is the new and upcoming thing. A beautiful set of photographs to share with friends and family for years to come. Dad's hands on mom during labor, the hospital staff working together, the clock on the wall, mom's face and body language as another contraction hits, dad making calls to announce the baby's birth, the first glance at her child, dad's tears, the first bath, first weight, grandparents. All of these moments is what is included with your birth story, nothing invading or tasteless. Being pregnant myself and giving birth three times along with working in a hospital for over five years has given me the tools I need to create the perfect story. Please contact me for my baby bump packages that include your Maternity, Birth Story & Newborn Shoot.
I have done births at the following hospitals: Anna Jaques, Holy Family, Lawrence General, Beverly Hospital, St. Elizabeth's and UMass Memorial.

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Behind the Scenes with Kimberly Finn

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Behind the Scenes with Kimberly Finn

Kimberly Finn's Official Birth Story Video.

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Mary's 2nd birthday shoot

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Mary's 2nd birthday shoot


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megan and Shane

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megan and Shane

Adam and Kristin's birth story

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Adam and Kristin's birth story


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Staci Baptism

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Staci Baptism


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babies r us

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babies r us


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Guestbook for Kimberly Finn
Kim just did our daughters 3rd birthday party. All I have to say is AMAZING. Everyone loved her, she was great with the kids, funny and smart. Our pictures are the most beautiful things we have ever seen. Kim's prices are great and her creativity just exceeds all others. Thank you Kim for making her 3rd birthday pictures amazing. We cannot wait to hire you again! God Bless you and this business. We love you.
38.Mike and Kara(non-registered)
Kimberly has done my family photos plus a generation shoot for my side of the family (3 generation plus my mother and her sisters and their families) the entire group was thrilled with the outcome including a couple of us who hate to have our photos taken. She is professional and warm, making everyone comfortable during the shoot. I have and will recommend her in the future with confidence.
I have so many pictures to choose from, but this by far is my favorite! Kimberly Finn does a wonderful job and her talent is out of this world. I have gone through some personal struggles over the past year, and her photo shoots have made me shine again They have brought me closer to my children and friends as well. Thank you for all your hard work and beauty.
im is an amazing photographer, and she is wonderful with kids, my daughter loved her, she lit right up for the camera and I now have some of the best pictures I have ever had of her. She did wonderful pictures of my son for his newborn shoot, she has a great eye, and amazing personality. HIGHLY RECOMMENED, cant wait to book another session with her for family pictures!!
35.Sharonda Goicochea(non-registered)
Kim did a fabulous job on our beach photoshoot. I have always wanted to take pictures at the beach and she was willing to take our family pictures there. It was a beautiful day and she worked so well with my family especially my 5 year old son. He says he wants to model now! The pictures came out better than I imagined they would. Kim also put up a sneak peek of our pictures within an hour of taking them and I had the disk the next day. I am truly happy with the pictures and cannot wait to hire her for our next pictures. She is our new photographer! I definately recommend her as a photographer and look forward to seeing her soon! :)
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